A nursing degree can be an expensive venture. Books alone are very costly. That combined with tuition, uniforms, possible room and board, and other supplies quickly add up. Don't let costs discourage you from pursuing your dreams. There are many financial aid opportunities available for nursing students, even those who may not feel they qualify. Grants, loans, and scholarships can all help cover your costs.

A nursing grant, offered by the government or nonprofit organization, is a very appealing form of aid. This money does not have to be repaid and is often offered to those who are financially underprivileged and/or disabled. Grants can cover a variety of your educational expenses, unlike scholarships that are meant for tuition, books, room, and board. Students are eligible for grants even if they are less than full time, attend college online, or at a community college. The most important thing to remember: if you want to qualify for a grant, you will need to complete a FAFSA in a timely fashion!!

Scholarships can also help to defray the costs of a nursing degree. Scholarships can come from many different organizations and in many different amounts. Scholarships are typically awarded to those with superior academic achievement, outstanding community service, or fit other criteria. Organizations such as Johnson and Johnson, the Air Force, and McKesson are among the many organizations that provide nursing scholarships. Many other scholarships are available by state, ethnicity, national organizations, and by your local hospital systems.Scholarships never have to be repaid and if you do your research you could end up greatly reducing the cost of your degree.

If you have little or not luck with grants and scholarships or you are still in need of more money, students loans are an option. You can be awarded Stafford, Perkins, PLUS, or direct loans. These will need to be repaid upon graduation.

Another and perhaps very intriguing offer is if a hospital in your area has a school of nursing. They may offer tuition forgiveness in exchange for a few years of work upon graduation. You may only be responsible for uniforms, textbooks, taxes, and other fees. This is of course pending academic success, which is a must for nursing school!

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