Contrary to our normal posts, this one has turned political (please don't fall asleep, I'll make it quick). In short, the Federal Government wants cut the amount of financial aid a student can receive. Specially they proposed to slash the Pell Grant by 15%! The bill has been pushed through the House of Representatives and has now moved to the Senate. If you want to take action, Save Student Aid has created a facebook page with a section for you to contact your Senator. I urge you to take a couple minutes and submit a letter stating your opposition. The links below will you get you started! If you submit one, let us now and we'll give you a virtual high five or pat on the back!

Save Student Aid WRITE YOUR SENATOR PageSave Student Aid Facebook page

If you rely on the Pell Grant, I highly recommend posting your story on the Save Student Aid's wall.

Alright, thats it! I told you I'd keep it short smile If your bored take a couple minutes and watch the short video I put together. I don't think it will gross as much as Avatar, but that's only because youtube doesn't have 3D technology yet.


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